PEN15 Animated Special

Client: Starburns Indsutries/
Awesomenss tv

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Project info

Studio Meala was approached to help create an Animated Special for the Emmy nominated show ‘Pen15’ alongside Starburns Industries for AwesomenessTV and Hulu. The concept and style of this one-off episode really intrigued us and we had a lot of fun pushing the creative boundaries not possible in its Live-Action episodes while posing, animating and compositing.


Pen15 is a ‘Traumedy’ show created for Hulu telling the story of middle school through the eyes of Anna and Maya; two 7th grade girls dealing with the awkwardness of being a teenager in the year 2000. In the animated special ‘Jacuzzi’ while on vacation in Florida, the girls are introduced to a brand new set of insecurities. While they try to ignore them, a mystical turn makes their self-doubt impossible to forget.


Head of Animation – Ireland
Cora McKenna


Stephen Fagan, Sean Cunningham, Jerry Twomey

Special Pose Artist
Cliona Noonan

Ciara O’Shaughnessy
Nathan Lowery

Maria Blowers, Cliona Noona, Darragh Herlihy, Keith Kavanagh, Jack McHugh, Elle Power, Vir Prieto, Di McKay Wickman, Charles-Henri Sanson, Carla Lennon, Phoebe Brenan, Cian Hughes, Kaj Sjostrand, Wolf Chung, Declan Davis

Darragh Herlihy, Steve Dorian, Eoin O’Kane, Brigid Purcell. Charlotte Connolly, Beren McCormack, Conor Doyle, Rory Martin, Amy Harrington, Cian Hughes, Phoebe Brenan, Louie Schutzenhofer
Cora McKenna, Nathan Lowry, Declan Davis, Amy Harrington, Anthony Lane, Aoife O’Dowd, Cliona Joyce, Cerise Crusson, Maryna Lisicyna, Cassandra Sierevogel, Ruby Callan, David Monaghan, Violaine Charlier, 
Ray Mongey,

Shem Shortall, Beren McCormack, Stefano Rolando, Mark Fisher, Olga Selma Egan, Aoife Balfe, Louise Fitzpatrick, John Perdisatt.