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Warframe Mission Critical | Animation Game Trailer

Project Info

Warframe's Tenno Squad Assembles in Studio Meala's "Mission Critical" Animation

  • When the Kuva Lich and his menacing forces threaten the cosmos, it's time for the Tenno Railjack pilots to up their game! Studio Meala is at the helm of "Warframe: Mission Critical," a rip-roaring piece of 2D animation that fuses the thrill and hilarity of Saturday morning cartoons with the out-of-this-world universe of Warframe. Directed by the noteworthy Sean 'Paperbag' Cunningham, this project sees our team taking the reins from script to screen, ensuring every warp jump and laser blast is as enchanting as it is explosive. A nod to classic animated shows of yore with a sprinkle of our modern anime-esque flair, we ensured that fans of Warframe feel right at home while newcomers get a tantalising taste of the Tenno lifestyle. Get ready to buckle up and loot scoop with this side-splitting, space-faring escapade that promises to beam you straight back to the glory of animated adventures.



    Produced by Tom Jenkins
    Written by Tom Jenkins & Ben Michael
    Script editing by Tina Tomar, Tom Jenkins & Ben Michael
    Animation by Studio Meala
    Directed by Sean Cunningham
    Additional Direction by Mashed
    Produced by Stephen Fagan for Studio Meala
    Production Management by Tina Tomar

    - Anna Bohac
    - Ruby Callan
    - Laura Boland

    Character Design by Keith Byrne

    Kevin Ryan
    Hardik Manktala
    Niall MacGiolla
    - Tina Tomar

    Animation assistance by Becky Reid

    Ines Hasdenteufel
    Aodhan Mc Nichol
    Sinead O Regan

    Compositing by Olga Selma Egan

    Excalibur by Blake Swift
    Volt & Kuva Lich by Mick Lauer
    Loki by Gabe Kunda
    Cephalon Cy by Alex Walker Smith
    Mag by Eileen "EileMonty" Montgomery

    Edit & Sound Design by Jason Dewey
    Music, Additional Sound Design & Mix by Alex Walker Smith
    Ace Squad music by RustyFIN:    / rustyfin  

    Everyone at DE (and especially whoever sent us the 7GB of assets lol)
    Cory Niblett, Colin Fisher, and the kick-ass team at Leviathan Core
    Tina Tomar
    John & Linda Jenkins, Jo Cowley and Gizmo
    Eddie Bowley
    Liam McKeown