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Saving Chops | 2D Animated Short

Project info

Saving Chops is an original Studio Meala short film commissioned by RTÉ Junior as part of their 'HOME' series.


A battle scarred stray cat wanders its city in search of a place to call home on a stormy night. She limps around searching tirelessly for the perfect comfortable and dry place. Just as she thinks she has found a perfectly fluffy pillow through an open window, she’s jumped by a housecat. Barely escaping no thanks to her injured leg. She runs onto an empty road, which is suddenly lit by headlights. Bracing herself, the car barely passes over her head. The next thing you know, she’s being grabbed! She puts up a fight at first, but soon succumbs to the warmth of the soft and cosy blanket. When she comes-to she’s in a dry and warm room with a comfortable cat bed. Not only that but her limp is gone, leg amputated right off but she can move better than ever before. She hops to the window with a perfect view of the city, the perfect home!

  • Credits


    Cora McKenna


    Claire Lennon

    Executive Producer for RTÉ

    Eimear O'Mahony


    Cora McKenna

    Script Editor

    Shane Perez

    Production Manager

    Niamh MacKenna

    Production Accountant

    Sharon Conlon

    Finance Director

    Jerry Twomey

    Lead Storyboard Artist

    Sean Cunningham

    Storyboard Artist

    Kayvon Darabi- Fard

    Character and Prop Design

    Cora McKenna

    Background Artist

    Susan Ball

    Rough Animators

    Kevin Ryan

    Diego Monlina

    Cora McKenna

    Clean Up and Colour Artists

    Kimi Kurbanova

    Cassandra Sierevogel


    Olga Selma Egan

    Music and Sound Design

    Folding Waves

    Post Production

    Gorilla Post Production