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Rocket Knight Adventures Re-Sparked | Official Trailer

Project Info

Prepare for liftoff with Studio Meala’s anime-style explosion in the Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked Collection trailer. Rocket your way to the trailer!

  • Who’s ready for a blast from the past with a rocket-powered twist? Studio Meala is igniting childhood memories with the Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked Collection official trailer! We've strapped on our creative jetpacks and soared high to bring Sparkster to life in a dazzling anime style that’s sure to kindle the fire in old and new fans alike. With every slash of the sword and burst from the rocket pack, our 2D animation prowess shines through, delivering a fast-paced, heart-thumping tribute to the retro classic that's been dialled to eleven on the epic scale. In this muscle-flexing showcase, we go full throttle, zooming in on the all-new features like the adrenaline-pumping boss rush and boost modes that will have players on the edge of their rocket seats. Studio Meala has chiselled every detail to perfection, from the pixely charm of the original to the crisp, fluid motions synonymous with top-tier anime, ensuring every moment of the trailer is an unforgettable visual feast.