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Murder By Numbers

Project info

Discover the intrigue of Murder by Numbers with Studio Meala’s special 2D animated intro. Join Honor and SCOUT on a '90s-themed detective adventure, soon on Nintendo Switch. Retro animation brought to life.

Studio Meala is thrilled to unveil the special animated intro trailer for "Murder by Numbers," a whimsical twist on the visual novel genre imbued with the brains of nonogram puzzles. Infused with a '90s vibe and the distinctive touch of 2D anime-style animation. Carefully crafted characters come to life in cell animation, introducing them to fans and newcomers alike in a manner that's both fresh and nostalgically familiar. With meticulous attention to the era's aesthetic and the gameplay's unique charm, we have woven a visual tale that perfectly sets the scene for the adventures of Honor and her mechanical companion, SCOUT. Embrace the world of late-night TV dramas and robot detectives as Studio Meala sets the stage for a series of intricate murder mysteries waiting to be solved.