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Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire | Animated Episodes

Project Info

Studio Meala are delighted to share their two productions “Mkhuzi: The Spirit Racer” and “Hatima” as part of the “Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire” anthology produced by Triggerfish Animation and Disney+.

  • "Mkhuzi: The Spirit Racer"

    In the Soweto Super Circuit, Manzo loses the race, but comes face-to-face with Ogun, a super intergalactic racing overlord, who declares that he has purchased their neighborhood, and will begin demolition the following day. Manzo's mother, in her disguise as Mkhuzi, agrees to race. However, Manzo takes his mother's place and despite several setbacks in the race caused by his inexperience, he is able to pull out a tie after merging with the spirit, Jangu, to become all-parts Zulu. Ogun, frustrated he did not win, but valuing the determination that Manzo put forth, agrees to leave the neighborhood alone and looks forward to their next race.


    A merboy named Mati, who lives in an underwater society, reflects on his father, and wonders when he will become a warrior. His brother, Sana, says he isn't ready, and won't last a day against the enemy. When Mati proposes they use a Hatima against the foes, Sana says only the air-breathers use those weapons of war. Later, Mati learns that he, and his society, are descended from a woman, Nhela, who combined herself with a Hatima and was shunned by society. As a result, he helps Ntsako, his "foe", and realizes that he, and his "enemy", are related, and shouldn't be fighting one another.

    Project Info

    Featuring stories from creators hailing from Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe, “Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire” promises to take viewers on an unforgettable ride into Africa’s future, presenting visions of the continent as never before seen. The action-packed animated anthology draws on the continent’s rich and diverse histories and cultures to present 10 sci-fi and fantasy stories featuring bold and brave new worlds of advanced technology, aliens, spirits, and monsters.