At the moment Studio Meala does not offer any internship or college credit programmes.

Over the past few years we have grown as a Studio; although this comes with a lot of positives, it also comes with the need for reflection and due diligence in our processes. 

We, as a team, want to build a more sustainable internship program that benefits all individuals involved,  a program we can be proud of - but this of course takes time.

Our end goal is to create a space where, even remotely, individuals can gain experience in a supportive environment, become more familiar with various departments within the 2D pipeline and leave us feeling confident in their abilities while entering the job market.

We apologise to anyone who may miss out in this interim period but we feel this is something we need to take the time to get right. 


Once the program is ready to launch we will announce it on our website and social media, please check these sources for an update and refrain from emailing any of the Studio Meala team directly (we can’t always keep on top of the requests!)